School education in Nottingham: what do you think?

In Nottingham City a body called the Education Improvement Board has been set up to address issues in the City’s education system.

The purpose of the EIB is:

  • “To bring together ideas about how we can provide the best possible education for every child and young person in Nottingham
  • To develop the existing vision for education in our city and create a long-term strategic plan with clear priorities and timelines
  • To promote collaboration”

The above from

The EIB has produced a ‘Strategic Plan’ called ‘Ambition 2025’. This seeks to create a world class education service in Nottingham in the next 10 years.

The plan can be downloaded here.

During November there is a consultation about the plan – the EIB have set up an online survey. You can respond to the survey here.

At the ‘Nottingham: A Voice for Education’ event on 14 November we will discuss how we might submit a collective response to this consultation. If you cannot be at that event, but wish to contribute to the ‘Voice for Education‘ response – add a comment to this blog.

[The ‘Nottingham: A Voice for Education’ is concerned with all aspects of education in both the City and the County – from Early Years to Adult and Lifelong.  This consultation is obviously focused on schools. This is clearly very important – but it is only one part of what the ‘Voice for Education’ event is concerned with.]


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