Proposal: A ‘Nottingham Campaign for Education’

This is being presented at the ‘Nottingham-Shire: A Voice for Education’ event on 14th November as a proposal to start discussion. All the content is open to change subject to wider debate.


The Nottingham Campaign for Education (NCE) seeks to promote education as a public good in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County. Education as a public good recognises that social justice and democratic engagement are the core values on which all education provision should be based. The NCE is concerned with all phases of education from early years to lifelong and adult, and education in both formal and informal sectors.

The Nottingham Campaign for Education does not seek to replicate any existing organisation, but rather seeks to bring together a wide range of organisations representing different interests and sectors.

The Campaign believes in education that is . . .

First draft developed from outcomes from 14 November event.

The Campaign stands in opposition to . . .

First draft developed from outcomes from 14 November event.


The details of membership to be determined by the Organising Committee (see below).


The Campaign will develop an organisational structure appropriate to its aims and membership, following consultation with individuals and affiliates.

This work will be advanced in the first instance through the establishment of an Organising Committee. This Committee will co-ordinate the initial work of the Campaign, and draw up plans for how the Campaign will be developed, constitutionally and organisationally, on a longer term basis.

Immediate next steps:

  1. That volunteers are invited to join an Organising Committee.
  2. The Organising Committee coordinates a formal response to the EIB’s Strategic Plan consultation [deadline end of November].
  3. The Organising Committee meets to determine a plan to establish the future running of the NCE.

If you cannot attend the event, but have thoughts on the proposal presented here, please use the comments facility to share your thinking.


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