Nottingham-Shire: A Voice for Education is an event at the University of Nottingham on 14th November 2015 at which 100 people will come together to discuss education across the City and County.

Education services – from pre-school to adult, are important to all of our lives – as students, parents, educators, workers or members of the community. However, decision-making about the type of education services we want seems more remote than ever. Democratic decisions by the community are often replaced by bodies with little community accountability. We are increasingly encouraged to think we are ‘consumers’ of educational ‘products’.

In this one day workshop we will think differently about education:

  • what is education for?
  • what type of education do we want?
  • how do we make our voices heard?
  • how can our voices be mobilised to make sure we get the education services we deserve?
  • how can we make sure that those in communities become genuine ‘co-constructors’ of education policy?
  • how can we make sure that local education is democratic education?
  • how can we organise to change education from the bottom up?

The event is aimed at anyone interested in education in the City or the County. Whatever type or phase of education, and whatever your role – student, educator, parent. If you believe education can change lives, and you want to change education in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire – this event is for you. Please register and come along to discuss these questions and more.

Register at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nottingham-shire-a-voice-for-education-tickets-17980636568

This website is intended to stimulate wider debate about the issues that will be discussed at the event, and to develop the discussion beyond the original workshop.

For further details, contact Howard Stevenson, School of Education at: howard.stevenson@nottingham.ac.uk


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